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Player: Robert-Sean Harley Atlanta, GA.

Name: Billy Falinchanz.

Clan: Nosferatu (Clan Status 0).

Nosferatu Quirk: A 7'2, 500 lb wall of meat that has the mind of a child.

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 1)

Location: Billy currently lives in Atlanta, GA. He's not difficult to find it's jut few people would bother. Who his sire is, is currently unknown. Some suspect it's Granny, but according to Billy, Granny was a Deava...with dominate. Billy has been confused before this may be what's happening again.

Common Knowledge among the Circle: Billy's origins are a mystery even to himself. his first memory is of waking up with Granny looking over him. Of his mortal life he has no recollection. Billy wanders around life in a good humored haze. Several observant Crones fear the day Billy finally gets a clue. Billy's had a slight problem with mass murder on the full moon recently, but the Baku that was causing it has been dealt with for the moment


  • Idun understan in response to most things.
  • 'Kaaaaay in response to everything else

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Billy, feel free to post them below here.

  • It is rumored that Billy is much smarter than he acts and is simply playing dumb to avoid attention.
  • It is rumored that Billy is blood addicted.
  • It is rumored that Billy has heavy ties to the Ordo.
  • It's rumored that Billy knows the disiplines of other clans. Only celerity has been confirmed so far.
  • It is rumored that Billy has a multiple personality locked inside his head named William.
  • It is rumored that Billy's conscience holds back a very powerful creature in his soul aside from his beast.
  • It is rumored that Billy grew up in an insane asylum
  • It is rumored that Billy was sired as part of an experiment by a haitian Crone.
  • It is rumored that Granny was a toreador.
  • Billy has a crush on Grace Morganstern.

and in response to some of the other more out there rumors

  • Billy has survived being at ground zero for 5 atomic bombs that landed directly on him simultaneously. He was then thrown into the heart of the sun itself and left compkletely unscathed.
  • Billy is the first and only vampire. Every vampire out there is actually just Billy. Yes, even you. why are you rereading this you just wrote it silly.
  • Billy created the existence of magic at the dawn of time. he has a third hand growing out of the middle of his back. rather than chosing either the left or right handed path, Billy's path, and hus the only true path, is the 7th vertabrate handed path.on this hand the thumb is in the dewclaw position.
  • Billy's has sex with every living organism on the face of the earth and all throughout history. Jesus was a total switch, amd Moses liked to be spanked by an agressive male wearing dead cow hide. Ameobas are total sluts.
  • Billy has destroyed the earth several times and remade it each time because he got bored. That fact the Billy created it explains several things about the state of the world today. Thankfully Billy has yet to fail a single humanity check and kills the entire population of the earth on a regular basis with impunity.
  • Billy has a secret pact with every other vampire, mage, and werewolf on earth. He also has connections across the dimensions to some strange group from another dimension called the sabbat and this strange dimension's Camarilla as well. And aliens too. No one knows anything about these secret pacts, but rumor has somehow gotten around.
  • Billy is only able to feed from 18 year old chinese females named Ming, who have a cresent chaped scar exactly 5 inches long on the bottom of their left foot and are 5'7" with their hair grown out to 18 inches and born with 4 fingers on their right hand and 6 on their left.
  • Billy is a secret agent that has secretly infiltraited every covenant and gives the secrets to every other covenant. This makes him a dectuple agent, or possibly even more.
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